A Rocha
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The A Rocha Trust was founded to put into practice the biblical call to care for all creation. It's first project was to establish a field study centre and bird observatory in south west Portugal. It now has projects in the Lebanon , England, Canada, Kenya, France and the Czech Republic.

Christian Aid
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Has information on the Drop the Debt Campaign

Church of England
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The website of the Church of England

Churches Together, Shrewsbury
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Discover how the churches in Shrewsbury are sharing and working together.

Lichfield Diocese
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The main website for Lichfield Diocese

Praise Bee
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Praise Bee is a new charity set up in conjunction with the Church of England and other denominations for the express purpose of multiplying the mason bee across the UK. St George's is taking part in this research programme with bee nesting boxes adjoining the church.

Pray as you go
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Another site worth a visit

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Shrewsbury Food Bank is run by a group of volunteers who organise and distribute parcels of donated food to individuals and families every week. They seek to help those that find themselves in times of real hardship by addressing

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Shrewsbury Street Pastors started when the local Police and Shropshire Council approached the local Churches and asked if they could launch a scheme with the aim of making the town centre a safer place for people to enjoy themselves over the weekend. There are 28 volunteer Street Pastors from eleven different Churches with more than 20 Churches supporting in different ways. A Street Pastor is someone who makes themselves available to help people who have become vulnerable in the evening. This may be through the effects of alcohol, or drugs, or relational difficulty and emotional distress. Street Pastors help people get home safe, getting them back in touch with their friends and providing things like space blankets to keep warm, water to re-hydrate or flip flops if they can no longer walk in high heels.

Shropshire Churches Tourism Group
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Shropshire Churches Tourism Group

Virtual Shropshire
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An introduction tothe County